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Posted 08 August 2014 - 09:34 PM

Ganews.com, as you see it today on August 9, 2014, is not the real deal ... although it is still better than Governor Nathan Deal ;)

Enough with the funnies.

Ganews.com as you see it now is at best an idea based on an effort started four years ago. The project, aimed at competing as an independent political forum, was not properly funded and without that financial backing simply failed to gain traction. I added a few posts in anticipation of the Democratic Convention, which if we were doing what we ought to be doing, would be livecast statewide.

The new GAnews.com will be based on a more modern and secure platform and in my mind features a live-cast channel covering the Democratic community as well as providing good, direct programming that is central to the Democratic worldview.

Still more than just a web-tv channel, I envision Democrats will turn ganews.com into a community of common interest where we, as a group, let the policy wonks among us shine as we all get to know each other. This will be possible because there were be public and private areas of the site.

If you are like me, one of the real values that attracts me to the Democratic Party is that it is not a hierarchical, militaristic top-down party. It is the closest thing there is to a party of the people that is and should always continue to be based on merit. If you're smart, good and honest, we want you to shine!

And that is why I think Georgia Democrats need a message board. Being a long-time Internet guru, one of the aspects of the forum or message board is its flat hierarchy. Indeed, the forum format is unique among social media platforms in this respect - frankly it scares a lot of folks because of that :)

But other things scare people ... like why is this guy doing this? What's his angle?

I understand the skepticism that Democrats and citizens have toward the media and toward any effort of this sort.

That is why I'm proposing that provided reasonable terms are established regarding the development of this domain as a web 2.0 community, I will donate the domain "ganews.com" free and clear to a not-for-profit foundation or trust controlled by the Georgia Democratic Party.

For the record, I decided to pursue this approach with ganews.com after I started receiving pitches by the owner of ganews.net. It is currently priced as a premium domain at this location.

I think that price is wildly inflated but I also know that GAnews.com is absolutely worth more than ganews.net. Even if ganews.net's actual value is only one-tenth that asked, that makes ganews.com too valuable to sit on the sidelines.

I believe GAnews.com can be a key tool for the development of the Democratic Party in Georgia and I believe that I can contribute that goal and the goal of electing new, modern and progressive Democrats to lead our state and nation.

G. Patton Hughes

PS: who is this guy?

PPS: There is another element to this effort that I tentatively call DemocraTV ... Since roughly 2009 I've been exploring live streaming and have developed expertise in this area that I anticipate being a key element of the new ganews.com. You can see a bit of what I'm talking about here and here.

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