Nunn, Carter rally Democrats to highlight 2014 Convention in Dublin (View original topic)


Posted 10 August 2014 - 07:15 PM

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<br><br> was on hand at the Democratic State Convention in Dublin August 9, 2014 when two Georgia Democrats, both leading in current polls, took the stage to rally the gathered. <br><br>

We also captured and will be showing the videos of the other Democrats running for state-wide candidates office in Georgia soon. Here is the rest of the slate of Democrats for 2014 - the party that served Georgia admirably for over 120 years. <br><br>

Individual speeches:(Candidate ... Office ... approx time in sequence)<br><br>

Hank Johnson .... US Congress District 4 -- 1:00<br>
Brian Reese ... US Congress District 1 -- 4:50<br>
Robert Montigel ... US Congress District 6 -- 9:00<br>
Thomas Wight ... US Congress District 7 -- 12:15<br>
David Vogel ... US Congress District 9 -- 18:45<br>
Ken Dious ... US Congress District 10 -- 23:00<br>
Daniel Blackman ... PSC seat 4 -- 29:30<br>
Robbin Shipp ... State Labor Commissioner -- 35:00<br>
Valerie Wilson ... State Superintendent of Schools -- 42:00<br>
Liz Johnson ... State Insurance Commissioner -- 48:00<br>
Chris Irvin ... Agriculture Commissioner -- 56:00<br>
Greg Hecht ... Attorney General of GA -- 1:03:00<br>
Doreen Carter ... Secretary of State -- 1:12<br>
Connie Stokes ... Lt. Governor - 1:20:45<br><br>

We took pains to include the interpreter for the deaf in the shots for the hearing impaired.<br><br>

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